simone bowman I am a registered massage therapist, reiki master, and body mind therapist, as well as an educator of reiki and hot stone massage.

“Within each of us there is a wellspring, where we can find all that we need for healing. I help clients to tap into that place, not only in their work with me, but throughout their lives.”

Surprising to many, my professional career began in engineering. Since then, I have made many changes in my life that led me to this work. I worked as an education planner and training manager during which time I studied Life-Centered Transformational Psychotherapy at the Lifespace Institute of Transformational Psychotherapy and Counsellor Training.

While practicing psychotherapy, I came to see the intricacy of the whole self and the inter-relationship between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. I then explored the healing potential of energy work, and studied Usui Reiki under reiki master Diane Young and Gendai Reiki with Japanese reiki master Hiroshi Doi. To further my understanding and skill in energy work, I became a practitioner of other energetic healing modalities such as Learning Path Integrated Technique, Emotional Freedom Techniques, and I’ve studied Donna Eden’s energy medicine. ≈ In my exploration and practice of these healing modalities, I recognized my passion and gift for this work and my ability to tune into the body and intuitively access where healing is needed.

With the birth of my two sons, I felt a shift in my practice, a growing interest to further ground my practice in promoting health of the physical body – developing a greater understanding of the anatomical and functional aspects of the body. Even more so, I was motivated to bring the restorative power of touch into my practice. This led me to complete studies in massage therapy at Sutherland-Chan school and teaching clinic.

I continue to expand my knowledge and wisdom in this innovative and exciting field of integrative therapy. I have recently mentored with innovators in the field of energy healing with Dr. Diane Chung and in mind-body therapies with Kristi Magraw. I have studied shamanic healing with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and I’m currently exploring ways of integrating neuroplasticity in this amazing work.

My practice is now a unique combination of massage, body focusing, and multi-modal energy therapies. I consider my work to be a moving meditation, a witness to experiencing how touch, when working in unison with the wisdom of the body, can promote profound healing.

My aim is to empower others to learn to operate from a place of deep knowing so that their life becomes vibrant, filled with wisdom, peace, and happiness.

I am registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.


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